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VietSoftware International
Tên công ty : VietSoftware International
Số vị trí đang đăng tuyển : 0 vị trí.
Địa chỉ : 6th floor, building 15 Pham Hung St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Quận/huyện : Cầu Giấy
Tỉnh/thành phố : Hà Nội
Quốc gia : Vietnam
Điện thoại : 0437280366     Fax : 0437280367
Website :
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VietSoftware International (often
referred to as VSII) is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Established in
2006, VSII is one of the leading software outsourcing companies in
Vietnam. Working with a select group of high-level customers, we have
rapidly built a reputation for quality work at a very competitive
price. Building customer satisfaction through long-term partnership and
collaboration is key to our success.

Fast turnaround, high quality, low price.

an old saying in the IT business: Speed, quality, price: choose any
two. At VSII, our goal is to give you all three. We do it with a unique
combination of business-savvy management, a remarkable depth of
technical expertise, and a lean, agile organizational structure that
can respond rapidly to changing customer needs. The cost of living in
Vietnam is very low, which allows us to provide world-class technical
capability at very low prices.

We adapt to the way you work, become an extension of your team.

internal processes are well-defined and have been developed with the
express purpose of being easily adaptable to your needs. We dedicate
the resources necessary to learn your technologies and methodologies,
becoming a virtual extension of your team.

Lean, agile organization.

understand that the challenges you face can change on a daily basis.
That's why we have  structured our company to be extremely responsive
to our customers' needs. There are no extraneous layers of management.
We will put together a stable, dedicated team based on your needs, no
matter what the size or duration of your project. And we will quickly
add or subtract resources as your needs change.

Reliable infrastructure.

have built a very reliable technical infrastructure to insure that we
can deliver to customers all over the world twenty-four hours a day,
365 days of the years. At the same time, we have worked hard to build
an extremely stable workforce, minimizing any disruptions due to
employee turnover.

Political and financial stability.

many other emerging nations, Vietnam is very politically and
economically stable, with little risk from political unrest or
terrorism and no external threats. The economy is booming, even as much
of the developed world has seen a significant downturn. VSII itself is
well capitalized, and is run on accepted international business
standards, not as a family venture. This stability makes us a reliable
partner for long-term partnerships.

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